HP Printers

We are in the process of developing a brand new site devoted excluively to HP printers.

Our new look will make the selection and purchase of HP printers or printer accessories as painless as possible. 

Understanding that selecting the HP printer that best suits your needs from a list of hundreds is often difficult; we will break down each HP printer model and their related accessories in detail, and explain the feature differences in language you can easily understand.

Taking time to evaluate and select a printer for purchase can be frustrating enough without having to compare products with a chart and a short paragraph filled with marketing language.

We will breakdown the full line of HP printers into these categories and help you make a wise choice.

  • Black and White LaserJet Printers: HP’s prime printer offering, targeting both the business and home office market. LaserJet Printers are typically high quality imaging devices that use a laser produce an image on a drum that applies toner to the printing surface, where a fuser bonds the plastic toner powder to the paper. These devices print on a variety of media in black and white only.

  • Color LaserJet Printers: HP also offers a line of printers similar to the Black and White product line. The only major difference, besides generally being of lower print capacity per month, is they print using 4 different color toners.

  • Color Inkjet Printers: HP color inkjet printers use the Thermal Inkjet process to heat ink and “spray” a tiny bubble onto the printing surface. This is usually slower than a quality laser printer, but can have much higher resolution Inkjet printers are commonly used in small offices, as the lower end models are quite economical.

  • Photo Printers: HP offers a line of printers that are optimized for printing photographs. These printers range from the inexpensive home printer for just a few small photographic prints in a month out to the professional quality photo printer for Photographers. They also use inkjet technology to form the image on the paper, although generally of much higher resolution.

  • Mobile Printers: Utilizing HP’s Thermal Inkjet technology, mobile printers are optimized for portability. With a compact size, low power usage, and wireless connectivity, they are what every road warrior needs to maximize his productivity on the go.

  • Color Multifunction and All-in-One: This type of printer usually allows scanning, faxing, and full color printing. Both inkjet and laser models are available, from desktop to full office capabilities, many have stacking and sorting options.

  • Black and White Multifunction and All-in-One: Same as above, just in black and white.

Stay tuned for in-depth reviews of HP Printers